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Saudi Cabinet approves contracting regulations for firms without regional HQ in Kingdom

The Saudi Cabinet, chaired by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, approved crucial regulations impacting government contracts with companies lacking regional headquarters in the Kingdom.

This session, held on a Tuesday, also included briefings on recent international discussions aimed at bolstering cooperation and advancing global initiatives.

The Cabinet reviewed the situation in Palestinian territories, expressing gratitude for the Security Council’s decision to increase humanitarian aid to Gaza. It called for international action to address the violations by Israeli forces, including the killings and displacements of innocent civilians.

Minister of Media Salman Al-Dosari highlighted the Cabinet’s endorsement of a new roadmap to enhance the Yemen peace process, underscoring Saudi Arabia’s commitment to supporting Yemen and urging dialogue under the UN supervision.

The meeting also focused on the national economy’s current achievements, development projects, and plans aligned with Vision 2030 goals. The Cabinet praised the progress in digital transformation, as evidenced by the 2023 Digital Transformation Index, reflecting government efforts in enhancing service quality, competitiveness, and business ease.

The Kingdom’s second-place ranking in the ICT Development Index by the International Telecommunication Union for 2023 was acknowledged as a continuation of its global leadership strides.

Key decisions from Tuesday’s Cabinet meeting included endorsing the Saudi Food and Drug Authority’s accession to the International Medical Device Regulators Forum and approving an MoU for combating terrorism with the UK’s Secret Intelligence Service.




Saudi Gazette