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Saudi FM urges accountability for Israeli atrocities in Gaza

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan has called for holding Israel accountable for the atrocities committed in Gaza, emphasizing the need for credible pressure to induce a change in Israel’s course.

Addressing the Regional Forum of the Union for the Mediterranean in Barcelona on Monday, Prince Faisal stated, “Israel needs to be held accountable for the atrocities it committed. If not through sanctions, then by applying credible pressure on it to change course.”

Expressing the urgency of overcoming the current crisis, he advocated for a credible and serious plan for peace, highlighting the indispensable nature of reviving the two-state solution.

Prince Faisal welcomed the truce agreement facilitated by Qatar, Egypt, and the US, describing it as a positive step toward ensuring the safe passage of humanitarian assistance.

However, he noted, “Unfortunately, it’s not enough. Not enough assistance is entering Gaza, and certainly not enough is reaching the north of Gaza. The pause is only temporary; it will produce limited value unless followed by a comprehensive and lasting cessation of military operations.”

Highlighting the distressing situation in Gaza, Prince Faisal emphasized that indiscriminate suffering inflicted on a besieged civilian population should not be conceivable in the 21st century. He warned against the continued escalation of military operations, stating that it would result in more destruction, radicalization, and further detriment to Palestinian lives and regional security.

Prince Faisal reaffirmed Saudi Arabia’s commitment to ending the catastrophic situation and pledged to continue working closely with international partners on that front.



Saudi Gazette