The Business Development Manager at Qiddiya Investment Co. (QIC), Greg Whiteside, has confirmed the Qiddiya project’s commitment to conserving energy and reducing carbon emissions.

Whiteside made the remarks during the second Saudi International Iron and Steel Conference in Riyadh. He stated that the project would conserve energy through sustainable buildings and projects that reduce power consumption by about 60%.

The Qiddiya project would be the biggest city for culture, arts and sports in the entire world, he said, while adding that the operations are underway to develop 220 square kilometers out of a project area of ​​380 square kilometers.

The Qiddiya City will include a golf course, in addition to a world simulating the globally famous park (Disneyland), as well as water sports center.

He confirmed that the construction of the biggest park of its kind in the world in the world has started, along with a car racing circuit.

Whiteside said he expected the Qiddya city would be able to host the Asian Games in 2024. “The implementation of the huge project poses a big strategic challenge,” he said.