Riyadh Air has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Prince Sultan University (PSU) as part of its wider initiatives to prepare the future generation of aviation professionals in Saudi Arabia, including the recent launch of its first graduate programme.

Fresh graduates enrolled in the graduate programme will receive training from experts in the field, both from Riyadh Air and from the International Air Transport Association.

They will also get hands-on experience across seven different departments at Riyadh Air.

Riyadh Air’s first simulator centre at the PSU campus

The MoU with PSU will see Riyadh Air build its first simulator centre on the university’s Riyadh campus where future pilots will be trained to join Riyadh Air following their graduation.

The airline and PSU will collaborate to provide learning opportunities for students who aspire to pursue a career in commercial aviation.

Short-term vocational training programmes will be offered for pilots, cabin crew and ground crew in addition to more skill-specific programmes across the airline ecosystem, including finance, legal, IT, HR and project management.

The airline will also partner with PSU to create long-term academic programmes to support students who want to pursue an aviation career.

Peter Bellew, COO of Riyadh Air, said: “We believe that investing in the future of the aviation industry is vital for the joint success and growth of Riyadh Air and the kingdom. Our collaboration with Prince Sultan University marks another step in our efforts to offer unique learning platforms for local youth as they look to choose and develop their careers.

“This programme aims to create more jobs within Saudi Arabia, ensure sustainability, and qualify Saudi youth by launching initiatives that enable them to join the job market and contribute to the growth and competitiveness of the sector.”

Dr Ahmed S Yamani, president of PSU, said: “The collaboration between our university and Riyadh Air comes from a mutual interest and care for the development and enrichment of the students who are interested in careers in the aviation sector.”