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About Us AL-RASHED TIRES Al Rashed Tires Co, is one of the leading Distributor of Tires in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Company has

Ostool Al-Naqil Co

Ostool Al Naqel was founded in 2009, and is affiliated with Saudi Automotive Services Company, SASCO. Ostool Naqel is amongst the famous names of Saudi

Napco National Finance Department

Napco National Story Our story started in 1956 in the heart of the Arabian Peninsula, where the Saudi businessman Abdul Rahman Al-Moaibed partnered with like-minded

EARADAT Transport Co

Earadat established in 1992 by Mr. Tariq Al-Qahtani as a transportation company for the commodities and materials all over the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Earadat

Alshehili Company

Our company began more than 40 years, growing successfully on a foundation of performance-based engineering in the transport, refrigeration solutions, and construction industries. Through an