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Our company began more than 40 years, growing successfully on a foundation of performance-based engineering in the transport, refrigeration solutions, and construction industries. Through an unwavering commitment to innovation, product quality, and customer satisfaction, the Alshehili brand has become synonymous with excellence. We provide Alshehili customers with world-class presale and post-sales service. In addition, we strive to be environmentally friendly to minimize operating and maintenance costs while delivering the most extended product lifetime.

Customers call on Alshehili for technical expertise gained from nearly a half-century of cutting-edge technologies in the fields of road transport and refrigeration. We deploy Kaizen operating principles and Lean Six Sigma methodology, in addition to ISO certification for Quality Management, Occupational Health & Safety Management, and Environment Management Systems.

We know that every business in the Middle East and worldwide is only as good as its people. Consequently, our investment in human resources is an investment in the future of our organization. Through a rigorous selection process, we are able to attract and retain talented professionals that offer skills to drive innovations in various industrial fields. Together with corporate marketing and customer service engineers, the staff at Alshehili form an integrated group, meeting and exceeding customer needs.

In the spirit of continuous improvement, Alshehili provides extensive training for skills development, ensuring all staff members acquire new skills maintain current knowledge of state-of-the-art technology. In addition, the company has a clear vision always to be the first choice of customers at the local and international markets.

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Alshehili Company
Alshehili Company

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